Tube Style Privacy Panel

Our tube style privacy panels are excellent shade solutions. They provide privacy and block the wind in the Las Vegas area. They are perfect in situations where you have an existing patio, but the sun comes in on one side. The slats break up the light and makes your patio cooler. The shade panel also reduces the wind on your patio. These solutions have been popular in Anthem, McDonnald Ranch, and Summerlin. They pass through Home Owners Association's inspections easily.

IMG 0683

Solar Privacy Screens

These solar screens will block 80% of the sun and come as a fixed structure, or roll down shade. The shade screens work great for the Las Vegas heat and have excellent outward visibility. These screens are commonly used on homes that have a patio area that is getting blasted by the sun.

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Vinyl Shades

A more cost effective way of blocking the sun in Las Vegas, these vinyl shades come with a 5 year warranty and will provide adequate protection against the Southern Nevada heat. These shades are commonly used on thse sides of carports.

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Aluminum Shades

A popular shade panel for Las Vegas that blocks 100% of the sun. These maintenance free privacy and shade panels look great, and have the durability of aluminum. They are excellent against the heat in Las Vegas, and will stand up to our high winds.

Flex Style Privacy Panel Inside