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    How to Partner with a Company

    How do you pick which company you want to partner with?

    You have a picture in your head. You’ve got your quotes. Now how do you decide which company to work with?

    We have a few tips that might help you make that decision.

    How long has the company been in business? Whichever company you choose, make sure they’ve got time into their company. It is equally important to note we think new companies are awesome, we were one once. However, long time established companies are unlikely to go out of business. Established companies provide you with a sense of comfort. In fact, you’ll know that if you ever have an issue with your product the company is still standing to resolve it for you.

    How do they treat their employees? Do they hire contractors out or have their own employees? We believe that would make a huge difference when it comes down to expertise. Do you want to trust that someone hires the right person, or pick a company that has its own, full time employees? 

    Do they know their product? Have you ever heard the term “fake it til you make it,” We aren’t a big fan of that term but know that anyone can promise you the moon and the stars when it comes to building something new.  Make sure you pick someone who knows the process, including someone who knows the right person to ask if you’re asking for a complicated build. 

    Do you have any tips to ad or have any questions? We are here for you and also provide free estimates if you’d like to give our family owned and operated company a chance to help you with your dream patio cover, screen room, or enclosure.

    Why pick us?

    In conclusion, Sunshield Awning Co. has been family owned and operated for the past 50 years. We’re proud of the work we do. To conclude, we are full of a family who put our community first, and we’d love the opportunity to help you with your project.

    Until next time,


    Third generation employee