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    Screen Rooms

    Screen rooms are a cost-effective way to make your patio more useable year round. They are excellent for pets, privacy, and keeping dirt and critters out of your patio living space. These pet resistant screens are easy to see out of but hard for others to see in. They also block the wind and cut out UV light, protecting your patio furniture and pets from the elements. Screening in your patio is a great way to provide an extremely comfortable feel to your outdoor space.


    Screen rooms that match the aesthetic of your home typically provide the best looks and positive impact when it comes to curb appeal and home values. Our design consultants can show you color options and help you choose the color that is right for your home. 

    Screen enclosures provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, keep dirt, debris and critters out while keeping household pets in, eliminate pesky bugs, provide clean outdoor dining experiences and add value to your home.

    Many people opt for a screen room because they want to enjoy some sunlight without full exposure. Where you situate your screen room and how much screen or glass (versus wall) is used can all determine how much natural light comes in. Make sure to mention if you plan to use the screen porch for container gardening or other sun-heavy hobbies so our staff can provide you with the best possible maintenance-free design options.

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